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In N. India even non-musical recitation provokes noise & motion, each good couplet applauded, Wa! Wa! with elegant hand-jive, tossing of rupees--whereas we listen to poetry like some SciFi brain in a jar--at best a wry chuckle or grimace, vestige of simian rictus--the rest of the body off on some other planet.

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It was still more so in the case of thirst. It was not possible for the vast majority of people to turn a tap and find the clear, cold water pouring into their house. A man might be on a journey, and in the midst of it the hot wind which brought the sand-storm might begin to blow. There was nothing for him to do but to wrap his head in his burnous and turn his back to the wind, and wait, while the swirling sand filled his nostrils and his throat until he was likely to suffocate, and until he was parched with an imperious thirst. In the conditions of modern western life there is no parallel at all to that.

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I had already written a longer comment on the rather highly dubious UBI calculation, but, instead of posting it, I 8767 ll just second John Quiggin 8767 s comment above. The authors needs to explain their assumptions. If they 8767 re referring to someone else 8767 s work, they ought to link to it.

And to be honest a sop who refuses to arrest a murderer is, IMO, considerably worse than a murderer. I 8767 m not paying the murderer to do what he does, but we 8767 re paying the cop. That makes it worse.

All Western (and especially American) claims to moral superiority over Communism/Fascism/Islam are vitiated by the West’s history of racism and colonialism.
We are not going to convince some Non-Westerners that we are morally superior. See lesson 6.

The sight of the tired and hungry crowds was a call upon his power (Matt. 65:87). No Christian can be content to have too much while others have too little.

The way to get to this Pope is to hit him where it hurts the worst. If you give money give it to your church for the church you are supporting. Any thing going to the dioceses and to Rome cut it off and don 8767 t contribute to them. I am Catholic and I support my church but when the plate comes out to help the dioceses or Rome, I do not give. I have seen where the second collation has gone way down. People are not contributing to the Pope any longer.

Like i was saying, the Bible is quite graphic about sex. In regards to Ezekiel 78, i think it is relating the spiritual prostitution of the Israelites to the gods of their neighbours. The donkey balls, well arent all women attracted to guys with big balls? hahahaha

All religions enslave and stop spiritual people that are evolved enough can open the door to you are ready,then the truth will find most will have to learn the hard you do, the beliefs of the past will seem petty and isn't easy to find freedom and takes constant studying and physical effort that is forever and never the gates of knowledge opens it is huge beyond any human can is something you believe in without proof but expected with all is a birth right and if they can't prove it,that is a hint of fear god is another hint that it's luck waiting for Jesus to save was only human but has already reincarnated which he actually resurrect.

So, then, the basic meaning of katharos (GSN7568) is unmixed, unadulterated, analloyed. That is why this beatitude is so demanding a beatitude. It could be translated:

Salient 8775 You’ll have to learn all of the specialized experience-knowledge from scratch at whatever job you take next, as if you’re just starting out. 8776

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