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Since there are four members in your group, each of you can split up the topic into four main sub topics. For example, in case of the restaurant the sub topics can be: the service, the food, interiors, the cost etc. Let each of the four take equal time and present the review by using graphs and statistics. The golden rule is to never read out anything from the slide. Do most of the talking all by yourselves. Just show pics and diagrams on the slide. This way, the overall presentation will look formal and also be made easier with power point.

AS/A Level GCE - Physics B (Advancing Physics) - H159

Students will develop an appreciation for the connections between the microscopic and macroscopic pictures of the thermal properties of solids, and will gain the skillset required to account for some fundamental properties of solids in statistical terms. Additionally, students will become familiar with the use of thermodynamic potentials and associated thermodynamic relations, and will gain an awareness of the different kinds of phase transition and how they are classified. Finally, students will gain the necessary knowledge required to understand the evidence for the third law of thermodynamics and how it relates to the unattainability of absolute zero.


Either one of you can talk about differences or one of you can talk about similarities. With similarities, why not print off some large puzzle pieces and show how they fit together. For lots of themes try hexagon shaped pieces  or for fewer themes try more traditional puzzle pieces.
If you are discussing the elements, you could use a periodic table of elements, and for each block discuss a different factor, or create your own literary periodic table. 


You&rsquo ll begin by studying electrostatics, describing forces and fields due to charge distributions using Coulomb's law and Gauss's law. You&rsquo ll also look at the concept of polarisation, and how this can be applied to capacitance and combinations of capacitors.

Marks for both Task A and Task B components must be carried forward in the same series. Students are not permitted to carry forward marks for only one of the two components.

By the end of the module, students will have knowledge of the physics of nanoscale solid state devices and how these may be manufactured and utilised. They will enhance their awareness of the recent advancements and current problems in condensed matter physics.

I have to do a presentation for my college professional guest services class. Our presentation is about a restaurant that we will formally review and evaluate. There are four people in my group including myself. The presentation has to be exactly 75 minutes (we are deducted marks if we are over or under). We were thinking of PowerPoint because it is easily controlled but it can be boring and unoriginal. We were also thinking of doing a skit but that can sometimes be unpredictable and childish. Can you give us any unique and memorable ideas? Or any ways in improving a PowerPoint presentation to make it interesting?

The practical element of the course sees you working in one of our PC labs learning how to best utilise spreadsheets and symbolic computations, and how to present data.

Information theory lies at the heart of many exciting areas of contemporary science and engineering. In this course you’ll explore the basic concepts of information theory and its applications to statistical inference and network theory. Topics covered in the course include entropy as a measure of information, mutual information, information transmission and communication through noiseless or noisy channels, maximum likelihood methods for data analysis, and neural network models. The basic concepts developed are applied to examples from a wide range of academic fields such as data compression and storage, biophysics, signal processing, neuroscience, machine learning, and finance, where information theory can be related to the theory of optimal investment in the stock market.

Carry forward doesn't apply to modular qualifications where coursework forms the whole unit (for example, most outgoing A-levels). Results for coursework units are used as necessary when the award is claimed - it is not necessary to re-enter the unit and request a carry forward of marks.

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