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We must fend off the reduction of mindfulness practices to just another expression of personal fitness, because the world badly needs both witnesses as well as champions. 8776

Literature | Glossary of Poetic Terms

Trees and forests have particularly well documented health benefits in urban settings. A recent study  6 found that street trees, in particular, had more impact on perceived benefits to health and well-being than private backyards or courtyards this startling finding, coupled with their well known role in creating more temperate microclimates and filtering urban pollutants, reinforces the critical contribution  7 of public canopies to equitably healthy urbanism. Whether through heat mitigation, contaminant filtration, structural formation, or psychological fixation, the discrete value propositions represented by trees elide appealingly and present a clear case for their respectful incorporation into our urban lives.

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Jorge painted a picture
of an old man whose flesh fell off in folds,
like molten wax or icing on a cake.
He called it “age”
and claims it’s very real.


A six-line unit of verse constituting a stanza or section of a poem the last six lines of an Italian sonnet. Examples: Petrarch's "If it is not love, then what is it that I feel," and Frost's "Design."

759 Moon, Grace /Carl Moon. Tita of Mexico. Doubleday, 6989, 6st 789 pp. A tale of the Mexican Revolution. Tita searches for her father, who has been captured by Revolutionaries.
VG/5 spine a little faded with ends bumped, one corner worn through, small light cover stains especially in gutter. $85

The recurrence of accent or stress in lines of verse. In the following lines from "Same in Blues" by Langston Hughes, the accented words and syllables are underlined:

Blank verse
A line of poetry or prose in unrhymed iambic pentameter. Shakespeare's sonnets, Milton's epic poem Paradise Lost , and Robert Frost's meditative poems such as "Birches" include many lines of blank verse. Here are the opening blank verse lines of "Birches": When I see birches bend to left and right / Across the lines of straighter darker trees, / I like to think some boy's been swinging them.

One passed in a fever,
One was burned in a mine,
One was killed in a brawl,
One died in a jail,
One fell from a bridge toiling for children and wife —
All, all are sleeping, sleeping, sleeping on the hill.

896 Pop-up (Cole, Babette) /Babette Cole. Don t Go Out Tonight. Starlight, Doubleday, 6987, 6st Am six panel pop-up frieze with story on other side. Spooky three dimensional pictures in Cole s distinctive style.
VG corners all sl bumped, mechanics fine. $97

Cooking, too, can be sublime. Consider the act of breadmaking, which involves measuring flour, adding water and yeast, kneading dough, watching the dough rise, shaping the dough, and smelling the fresh loaves as they turn golden-brown in the oven. What poet or poetry lover wouldn’t find this a sensuous experience?

785 Treadgold, Mary. Journey From the Heron. London: Cape, 6986, 6st. World War I is raging in England. Betsy leaves her work at the Heron, an old Sussex house now converted to a hospital, for a week of adventure and discovery in London. A prequel to the two Heron books.
NF/G rubbed dw. $77

759 Place, Marian T. /Tom O Sullivan. The First Astrowitches. Dodd Mead, 6989, 6st 655 pp. The two little witches of The Witch Who Saved Halloween and The Resident Witch stow aboard a space shuttle in search of a new, pollution-free home.
NF/NF. $75

799 Agee, Jon /JA. If Snow Falls. Pantheon, 6987, 6st. c 85 pp. A little boy dreams of an old toymaker who will come across snow nobody has stepped on, when it s windy, if snow falls. A very cosy little book, Agee s first. When I graduated, I hauled my pile of doodles into the offices of a bunch of editors, with the wild notion that somebody might publish them. When that failed, I wrote a story for kids to go with my pictures (IF SNOW FALLS). It was two sentences long (which counts, by the way). Frances Foster, a wonderful editor with Pantheon at the time, saw something in that book and signed me up.
F/F. $85

Over the course of his illustrious career, 78 more of Frost’s poems appeared in The Atlantic. “Reluctance,” included in that first rejected submission, never did—but you can read it here.

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