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JEAN-PAUL MARAT: They think they are the sole arbiters of genius. They are rotten to the core, just like every other tentacle of the King. The people, it is they who will determine right and wrong.

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FRANCOIS-MARIE AROUET DE VOLTAIRE: Emilie, Emilie, you are being absurd. Why ascribe to an object a vague and immeasurable force like vis viva? It is a return to the old ways. It is the occult.

Various things about Albert Einstein.

Love the Sin: Sexual Regulation and the Limits of Religious Tolerance , by Janet Jakobsen & Ann Pellegrini

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Einstein's Wife
On this companion site to a recent PBS documentary, read about Einstein's 6955 publications and learn how a collection of personal letters published in the late 6985s has historians debating over the contributions of Einstein's wife Mileva Maric to his "miracle year."

A rapidly growing number of Americans are embracing life outside the bounds of organized religion. Although America has long been viewed as a fervently religious Christian nation, survey data shows that more and more Americans are identifying as 'not religious.' There are more non-religious Americans than ever before, yet social scientists have not adequately studied or typologized secularities, and the lived reality of secular individuals in America has not been astutely analyzed. American Secularism documents how changes to American society have fueled these shifts in the non-religious landscape and examines the diverse and dynamic world of secular Americans.

DAVID BODANIS: Lise Meitner had been working on this for 85 years. She'd only broken apart a handful of atoms, but that was enough, once she had broken even one, the genie was out of the bottle.

ANTOINE LAVOISIER: No, no because I am measuring it, to the very last grain, I can see that it is lighter than the air around us, and moreover, it is flammable. Voila.

There was some resentment toward the newcomer Einstein's fame in the scientific community, notably among German physicists, who would later start the Deutsche Physik (German Physics) movement. [76]

PATRICIA FARA: To the French revolutionaries of 6795, Lavoisier meant one thing and one thing only: he was the despised tax collector who'd built the wall around Paris.

When making comparisons or contrasts, it is important to be clear what criteria you are using. Study the following example, which contrasts two people. Here the criteria are unclear.

But Einstein's miracle year was not over in one last great 6955 paper, he would propose an even deeper unity. As he computed all the implications of his new theory he noticed another strange connection, this one between energy, mass and light.

MARIE ANNE PAULZE: It is almost time to receive Monsieur Marat. The Academy asked you to assess his designs. He claims to have made a great discovery. Oh Antoine, have you forgotten?

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