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More than 755 million tons of cereal straw are dumped or burned in open fields each year. None of that is necessary because all of the straw could be pulped and used for paper, if the proper technology and infrastructure were in place. In fact, agricultural residue could replace a significant amount of trees for newsprint and printing and writing paper and solve a vexing agricultural and air-quality problem at the same time.

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Recycling paper begins by breaking down the product, chemically or mechanically, to free the fibres and create pulp. The pulp is re-manufactured into paper products in a similar way to first production paper. The waste products left over from the recycling process (ink, short fibres and plastics) are either sent to landfill, burnt for energy or used as fertilizer.

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DOE Office of Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy (EERE):
The Office of Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy (EERE) invests in clean energy technologies that strengthen the economy, protect the environment, and reduce dependence on foreign oil.

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NAHB National Green Building Program
Through the National Green Building Program, the National Association of Home Builders is helping its members move the practice of green building into the mainstream. Energy efficiency, water and resource conservation, sustainable or recycled products, and indoor air quality are increasingly incorporated into the everyday process of home building.

Living Green: A Guide to Recycling Electronics
Most electronic items can actually be recycled. There are centers in every state that accept various types of electronic items, parts, and appliances. Some even offer to pick it up as a free service, while others also offer a cash payment as a token incentive. Apart from impacting the environment in a very positive way, residents can also free up more space at home in mere minutes. When it is this easy to recycle e-waste, there really isn 8767 t any excuse not to! This website can guide you with your recycling organization.

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Recycle: Will accept drop-off of concrete at no charge to be crushed and re-used at a later date. Concrete must be clean (. no paint, dirt or other contaminants).

Not all lead-free soldering is the same. Some alloys are better than others, and some temperatures work better than others. For many companies, there will be an element of trial and error in discovering what works best for them. Certainly, we’ve seen real advances in the last few years with some electronics manufacturers offering lead-free soldering that rivals their leaded counterparts in reliability. We feel comfortable that criticism will die away as companies progress through the transition, and this is being borne out already by the European Union’s removal of several of the exemptions to the RoHS directive.

Research papers are lengthy, in-depth analyses of varied subject matter. They could be on anything – especially if you’re a college student. Look at the wide variation of the following outstanding college research paper topics:

Agricultural and Biological Sciences Biochemistry, Genetics and Molecular Biology Environmental Sciences Immunology and Microbiology Neuroscience

MDNRE - Environmental Educational
You can learn something about Michigan's environment and the many ways that you can care for it. New resources are added to this site every day that promote environmental education.

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