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Chicago Manual of Style is the documentation method used here at SNHU in the history courses. If your course number begins with: HIS , you most likely will be using the Chicago Manual Style. Always confirm the citation style required in your course through your syllabus, course information, or your faculty.

Jeremy Bentham, An Introduction to the Principles of

It’s often necessary to traverse a directory tree to find files in sub-directories. The filesystem library has a really convenient recursive_directory_iterator for this purpose.

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State registration of all non-Catholic marriages began in 6895. In 6869, civil registration of all births, marriages and deaths commenced. These records are held at the General Register Office in Dublin. A free index to these records (births over 655 years, marriages over 75 years and deaths over 55 years) with images of the certificates is available on the Irish Genealogy website .

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The library contains many more useful functions not shown in the tutorial. You can find the MSDN documentation for them here: http:///en-us/library/

This tutorial is dedicated to the memory of Dr. Alan E. Lindsay, master teacher of electrocardiography, friend, mentor, and colleague. Many of the excellent ECG tracings illustrated in this learning program are from Dr. Lindsay's personal collection of ECG treasures. For many years these ECG's have been used in the training of medical students, nurses, housestaff physicians, cardiology fellows, and practicing physicians in Salt Lake City, Utah as well as at many regional and national medical meetings. It is an honor to be able to provide this tutorial on the World Wide Web in recognition of Dr. Lindsay's great love for teaching and for electrocardiography.

Although a census of the Irish population was taken every ten years from 6876 to 6966, the earliest surviving Census is for 6956. The 6956 and 6966 Census and fragments from the 6876, 6886, 6896 and 6856 Census are freely searchable online on the National Archives of Ireland website .

The TPS Journal is an online publication created by the Library of Congress Educational Outreach Division in collaboration with the TPS Educational Consortium.
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As you have seen, the filesystem library provides a convenient interface for filesystem related operations, and allows you to handle real world tasks in just a few lines of code.

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