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The hidden theme of the success of "good" over "evil" is inadvertenly upheld. So in essence the overiding theme in Julius Caesar is mans quest for power and the degrees they are willing to go to achieve this.

Interest in Shakespeare&rsquo s nondramatic writings has increased markedly in recent years. They are no longer so easily marginalized or dismissed as conventional, and they contribute in powerful ways to a deeper understanding of Shakespeare&rsquo s oeuvre and the Elizabethan era in which he lived and wrote.

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like any interpretation, the attempt to fix the meaning of this playcannot be called a definitive critics have differd on the meaning or brit critics maintain that the security of the state, the tragedy of those who would misguidedly alter the necessary course of history, is central, while eminent ameriacan critics argue that the death of liberty , through the failure of brutus and his colleagues , is the central meaning.

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In act one, scene two, Casca describes the way in which Julius Caesar reluctantly pushed the crown away because of the negative response from the citizens during the parade. However, Casca mentions,

Et tu Brutus does play a significant role in the play.  One of the many themes in this play is betrayal.  Julius Caesar trusts Brutus, as the people trust the Senate, to have his/their best interests in mind.  Brutus betrays Julius by allowing himself to be swayed by the other conspirators and becoming one of the murderers of Caesar in the Senate--not exactly in Caesar's best interest.

"I saw Mark Antony offer him a crown (yet ’twas not a crown neither, ’twas one of these coronets) and, as I told you, he put it by once—but, for all that, to my thinking, he would fain have had it. Then he offered it to him again, then he put it by again—but, to my thinking, he was very loath to lay his fingers off it" (Shakespeare. -95).

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Brutus' honor gets the better of him here – or does it? Does this mean he'd rather not deal with the whole mess, or that he'd never be a villager and won't stand by and let Caesar take Rome?

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William Shakespeare's Julius Caesar is a tragedy as it shows how the hero of the play rises from a humble position to that of popularity, power and prestige but ultimately meets a tragic end due to a flaw in his personality. The play Julius Caesar shows how politicking and intrigues, motivated by jealousy, of close friends of a noble person may lead to the tragic end of the hero. The tragedy Julius Caesar dramatises how the blind trust in the persuasive words of close friends proved to be fatal for Caesar.

In act two, scene 7, Calpurnia urges her husband not to visit the Senate because she had an ominous dream about him the night before. However, Decius says that she misinterpreted the dream, which actually meant that noble Romans would drink Caesar's reviving, holy blood for sustenance. After hearing this agreeable response, Caesar tells Decius,

Another way of looking at the theme is through power and ambition. Brutus decides to murder his dear friend just in case he is to become corrupt. The power Caesar is able to wield is incredible. This worries the senators, particularly Brutus, who states he would sacrifice his own life for the good of Rome. Ironically, though, Caesar really hasn't shown any hints that he will be corrupted by his power. How "est qui tu brutus" ties into this theme is how Caesar feels betrayed that even his close friend Brutus would conspire to kill him when it is really unwarranted. They are just killing him in case he becomes corrupt. So much for free will.

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