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My view: Ten myths about gifted students and programs for

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The problem of waste can lead to all kinds of business opportunities. How is Ryan and Julian's mushroom farming business solving a waste problem? What other environmental benefits does their business create? Can you think of a waste product that could be used in a more valuable way? Do some research and see what you can find out.

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Ready for a challenge to your understanding of place value in whole numbers up to 999? Fun primary mmaths game where you get a starting number, such as 878, work towards turning it into a target number, such as 677, within 75 turns. Spin a random digit, choose its decimal place value and use the given operation (either addition or subtraction) on your starting number. Be careful not to undershoot your target! Use the 'Wishball' to select your final digit.|Try to reach the target in as few turns as possible.

New GCSE 9-1 Maths Exams (2017), What We Know So Far

Board-game dice have 6 faces, each with a number from 6 to 6. See how this knowledge is used to work out the probability of throwing a particular number. There are three even numbers on a die. Can you work out the probability of throwing an even number? Is it higher or lower than the probability of throwing a number less than 5?


Watch first year architecture students from Curtin University embrace Sanditecture! Through a project to sand sculpt landmark buildings they transfer computer based skills to the more practical world of sand sculpting. Through this process the students learn about design, volume, form and texture, as well as gaining the practical skills required for sculpting, model making and working as part of a team. http:///schools/be/

In the modern world, is it possible to protect an indigenous culture from population growth and economic expansion? This 6995 news report explains that, as migrants make their way from Java to Irian Jaya and mining companies seek to exploit the land, the traditional life of the indigenous Dani people is under threat.

Lured to Australia by the discovery of gold, Eugene von Guérard was the lead painter in the first century of European settlement. This piece is one of a pair that was commissioned by land owners Peter and John Manifold. Von Guérard was known for his mastery of landscapes, and his attention to detail and interest in the taming of the land can be seen here. Do you think art is influenced by the desires of the person commissioning the work? If you paid an artist to paint a picture for you, what would it be of?

a gifted student don t need gifted student program and don t need teachers. that is gifted student. it s a natural ability to learn and don t need school and don t need teachers.

Does Pemba Plaza shopping centre really make children feel welcome, like its ads say? Top Secret Agency wants you to investigate.|Gather information from every part of the plaza. Analyse the meanings behind the signs you find and record your opinions about the real message of each sign. Then decide what you will report about whether children are welcome at Pemba Plaza.

Imagine what would happen if the Murray River, part of Australia's biggest river system, stopped flowing. The impact would be felt by us all, including the wildlife of the river system. Watch as scientists and governments across the country work together to find the balance between water for human needs and water to sustain the environment.

How is chocolate produced today? Join food historian and Associate Professor Adele Wessell and find out what the process is from tree to mold! How many separate steps can you count? Why is the harvesting of cacao beans such a labour intensive process?

If you think this isn 8767 t true, consider not describing what job needs to be done and just asking for people to give you their SAT scores the next time you have a job you want done.

In my case, both my degrees presented a great deal of knowledge, and a small subset is directly applicable to my current job, a ring around that which is sort of indirectly applicable, a second ring around that which is not applicable but I 8767 ll get to momentarily, and the rest, which was somewhat interesting but useless dross. (I guarantee I won 8767 t use my parageography study for anything beyond personal hobbies.)

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