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As we see it, group decision-making is simply the active, executive, effect-producing aspect of the kind of communication we are discussing. We have commented that one must oversimplify. We have tried to say why one must oversimplify. But we should not oversimplify the main point of this article. We can say with genuine and strong conviction that a particular form of digital computer organization, with its programs and its data, constitutes the dynamic, moldable medium that can revolutionize the art of modeling and that in so doing can improve the effectiveness of communication among people so much as perhaps to revolutionize that also.

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To turn to the final episode in the chapter, the fight between Lennie and Curley, we see first-hand that there is a deep and ruthless capacity for violence in the generally docile Lennie. This violence is sometimes casual and inadvertent - as in his accidental killing of the mice in his pockets - and sometimes an explosion of directed rage, as when he crushes Curley s hand. Lennie seems willing to kill to protect the things he loves, whether George or the rabbits or what have you. His violence is child-like - or dog-like: the sudden ferocity of an otherwise affectionate pet. His casual declaration that he will snap the necks of any cats who attempt to kill the rabbits on his fantasy farm is shocking - we know that he means exactly what he says.

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Many communications engineers, too, are presently excited about the application of digital computers to communication. However, the function they want computers to implement is the switching function. Computers will either switch the communication lines, connecting them together in required configurations, or switch (the technical term is 8775 store and forward 8776 ) messages.

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To become part of a dynamic multinational company wherein I would be given the opportunity to better hone my skills and abilities or a position that I will be suitable in and will be able to grow from.

I am very pleased that this site has made available three papers by . Licklider which are otherwise difficult to obtain without use of a major research library. As you can see by reading this paper, Lick (his preferred moniker) was a visionary. This is thus the right place for his work to be on view.

The switching function is important but it is not the one we have in mind when we say that the computer can revolutionize communication. We are stressing the modeling function, not the switching function. Until now, the communications engineer has not felt it within his province to facilitate the modeling function, to make an interactive, cooperative modeling facility. Information transmission and information processing have always been carried out separately and have become separately institutionalized. There are strong intellectual and social benefits to be realized by the melding of these two technologies. There are also, however, powerful legal and administrative obstacles in the way of any such melding.

The mention of billing brings up an important matter. Computers and long-distance calls have 8775 expensive 8776 images. One of the standard reactions to the idea of 8775 on-line communities 8776 is: 8775 It sounds great, but who can afford it? 8776

So the meeting began much like any other meeting in the sense that there was an overall list of agenda and that each speaker had brought with him (figuratively in his briefcase but really within the computer) the material he would be talking about.

Benilde Model United Nations
De La Salle-College of Saint Benilde, 7599
Taft Ave., Malate, Manila
November 67-65, 7569
Received Most Outstanding Delegate award

In each geographical sector, the total number of users summed over all the fields of interest will be large enough to support extensive general-purpose information processing and storage facilities. All of these will be interconnected by telecommunications channels. The whole will constitute a labile network of networks ever-changing in both content and configuration.

Handled surveys, concerns, and inquiries from different organizations
within the university. Innovated ways to improve the systems
conducted within the organization. Officer in charge for The Green
Card Alliance.

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