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Date of publication: 2017-08-30 14:17

         Compensatory off should be availed within 6 month from the date of approval. If not availed within the time period of 6 month, the compensatory off shall automatically be lapsed.

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                              Appraising authority after reviewing each employee working should call individually and details of his MPCP finalized for the next appraisal year as well as strength and weakness should be discussed which should be mutually be acceptable and specify the planned programme for his development as well as to over come his area of improvement be mentioned. This should be signed by the concerned employee as well as by the appraiser.

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In case of staff the payment has to be made through accounts payee cheque only.  In case of operators, preferred mode of payment should be accounts payee cheque only however if the operator does not have a bank account then a bearer cheque should be issued in his /  her name.  Immediately after issuing the cheque to the operator, an employee from HRM / Accounts department should take the operator to the bank and get his / her payment & hand over to the operator. In case we have the slightest doubt about the operator intensions, in such cases the HRM department should get the final settlement of accounts in front of area inspector / Labour officer.

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Expenses incurred for the support of activities relevant to the award of grants, contracts, and cooperative agreements and expenses incurred for general administration of the scientific programs and activities of the National Institutes of Health.

                              From employee point of view, it is important that clear targets/goals are decided so that he/she can make action plans, if needed demand resources.  Whereas money is considered to be the biggest motivator, but this alone can not infuse enthusiasm in an employee to give his/her best.  Clear target and regular feedback on performance can keep an employee charged.

         It is mandatory that any employee recruited will have to first undergo induction training before he / she is posted to the parent department. The inputs during induction training will include following:

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                           It has been felt that most of the senior executives are continuing with the same functions and for the same product range / SBU, which is limiting their exposure and vision just to their own SBU.

         In all such cases no advance should be paid and if there is any, concerned employee shall deposit the amount and only then the company shall issue the cheque as advance to the landlord.

                              In our appraisal system, the evaluation of an individual is divided into four parts . MPCP, Behaviour, Committment & Best rating.

                       In the case of promotion. Promotion letter will be issued (Annexure 55) which will be signed by SBU Head and this letter shall be issued in person by the Departmental Head.

Responsible party is the term used in Title VIII of the Food and Drug Administration Amendments Act (FDAAA) of 7557 (. 665-85) to refer to the entity or individual who is responsible under FDAAA for registering a clinical trial and submitting clinical trial information to .

                 For availing EL, an operator would be required to apply in writing atleast 7 days  before the date on which operator wishes the leave to commence.

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