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We can as well see this from the point of view of rigidity of gender roles in a society. Whenever a society prescribes rigid gender roles, then it commits itself to disrespect for gender diverse roles. This amounts to objectification of the body and therefore any culture that prescribes rigid gender roles is a culture.

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Dr. Carhart speaks to the reason he continues to perform late term abortions in the documentary, saying, “If I just give up and stop doing abortions after 75 weeks, some women may get desperate and do things on their own. This is something that needs to be done.”

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“ Partial birth abortions ,” a term referring to a particular procedure that was being used only rarely for abortions over 66 weeks, was banned in 7558 by the Bush administration.

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To get a better understanding of the daily experiences of these doctors and their patients amidst our country’s anti-abortion extremism, watch this truly moving documentary, After Tiller .

Listening to Congressmen argue about “fetal pain” and “partial birth abortions” can understandably lead a confused public into a space of misunderstanding and outright disgust over the existence and ongoing need for late term abortions.

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Late term abortions are usually much more expensive than earlier terminations. With the prices often going up into the tens of thousands, and the lack of health insurance coverage, the cost of this procedure is a major barrier to access, particularly for low-income women.

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