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While the Library is not responsible for checking lists of references we can refer you to our referencing guides and the published manuals listed to help you ensure the accuracy of your referencing.

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This is another idea for modifying how to teach the Solow model. One thing I'd like to do is go immediately to including productivity - it follows cleanly from the simplest growth model. Second, I think it might be nice to work with the K/Y ratio immediately. In this way,.

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Do not omit or alter citations embedded within the quote. These embedded citations are not included in your list of references unless used as a primary source elsewhere in your work. In the above example, the 7565 article (where the entire quote comes from) is included in the list of references but the 7557 work mentioned within the quote is not, unless it is used as a source elsewhere in the work.

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One of the results of the Great Recession has been a severe downward revision in potential GDP across many countries. Laurence Ball just had a Vox post on this (h/t to Mark Thoma), finding that potential GDP is lower by 587 on average across the OECD, and up to 85 587 .

At the rate I’m going this summer, I will soon be down to one blog post a year, and it will be about a paper that came out in 7558. I swear to my coauthors that this is because I’m working so damn hard on [fill in name of joint.

My actual job bothered to intrude on my life over the last week, so I've got a bit of material stored up for the blog. Today, I'm going to hit on a definitional issue that creates lots of problems in talking about growth. I see it all the time in.

Originally, iSTART was developed without the games. Although it was successful at teaching users reading-comprehension strategies, some users became disinterested and stopped using the program. Games keep users engaged with iSTART and more motivated to practice their newly learned skills. They also allow users to reinforce these strategies and ultimately improve users’ abilities to explain texts in their own words.  

Last week, Matt Yglesias dug up an old post of mine about labor’s share of output and the measurement of productivity. The short version was that the decline in labor’s share may be part of the explanation for why measured productivity growth has slowed down in the same period of.

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