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Date of publication: 2017-09-01 15:22

Interestingly, the Intranet may or may not be connected to Internet and in case it is connected to Internet, security measures shall have to be taken to eliminate the chances of unauthorised access. Thus, Intranet provides access to corporate information repository to the authorised user with a minimal cost, time and effort.

10 advantages and 10 disadvantages of using the Internet

For companies that also maintain well-trafficked, dynamic Internet Web sites, the corporate intranet Web site can be a place to test out new ideas and emerging Web features [source: Information Week ]. Maybe a company is toying with the idea of launching its own online social network or Internet television channel. All of the technical quirks and usability issues can be worked out on the in-house intranet site so that everything runs smoothly when the new features are unveiled to the public.

What is intranet? Give some of its advantages

For example, the decision regarding a proposed change in the inputs for a construction project would influence the performance of the designing department, construction department, commercial depart­ment and procurement department. In such a situation, any deci­sion on the part of the procurement or designing department only may lead to a conflict.

Advantages & Disadvantages of Intranet

Convincing “old economy” employees – Some employees may not be technology or computer savvy and may be reluctant to use the intranet to access information. Therefore, they may have to be convinced about the benefits of using the new technology.

Most companies incorporate an intranet into their business in some capacity. An intranet is a private computer network that operates within an organization and facilitates internal communication and information sharing with the same technology used by the internet. The major difference is that an intranet is confined to an organization, while the internet is a public network that operates between organizations.

Another financial benefit of intranets is that they're scaleable and flexible [source: Intranet Roadmap ]. A small company can turn a simple desktop PC into a Web server, build some basic HTML Web pages and be up and running at practically no extra cost. As the company grows, it can invest in a more robust Web server, hire a Web developer to design more dynamic intranet Web pages and make more and more information and software available online.

Electronic Communications:
The Advantage:
Before the Internet came into existence, to communicate with someone who isn’t in the same room as you, you would have to call them on a phone. Or if you wanted to send them a note you had to send a letter through snail mail. With the introduction of the Internet, we now have the ability to send and receive messages through electronic mail- virtually instantaneously and without the need of a postage stamp.

The increasing role of customer support in the marketing strategy has changed the whole concept of com­munication in enterprises. A direct contact of the customer with the customer support department through Intranet directs the 8766 job to specialist 8767 and ensures better handling of complaints.

Intranet is a secure method to exchange mails & data in an organizations. Because to use the same you have to physically presence in organization premises. You can access only company’s site no any other social sites. Exchanges of mails & data depends on authentication which one provided by administrator according to your job profile.   If you are authenticate then you can send or receive mails from outsides too. If you are not then you are only circulate the same in internal departments.

And secondary the issue of exchange   & outer sites, I already mentioned above that if you are authenticate you can access all sites like internet. It’s totally depends on your role in company.

Managing documents is key to any organization. With an intranet, you can easily upload and organize documents that can be accessed at any time. Employees can securely collaborate on projects and data. Document and information availability gives a company a transparent culture, which empowers staff.

With an effective intranet infrastructure, an organization can reap benefits across the board. In fact, an intranet can significantly improve efficiency and performance. Still, there are risks associated with setting up an intranet. Here, we'll discuss the pros and cons. (To learn about other enterprise IT solutions, see Faceoff: Virtual Desktop Infrastructures Vs. Virtual Private Networks.)

With the availability of software for facilitating the communica­tion in work groups (also termed as Group Ware), it is becoming increasingly easy to ensure that work groups become more effec­tive in decision making process. LOTUS NOTES is one of the popu­lar software for developing an effective system of group decision making.

Getting started – Building an intranet to your specifications can be expensive. A consultant may have to be hired to give it the desired look and feel and to make sure that it is user friendly and simple enough for all employees to use.

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