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Nineteenth Hole: Within Golf Terminology this is a term referring to the " Clubhouse Bar " visited after an 68-Hole round of golf. This is where golfers can talk about the one that " Got Away "!

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Tote (Golfer's) : This Slang term is referring to an all-purpose bag that is designed to hang on the motorized Golf Cart. This is a weatherproof hand bag for carrying small personal items when on the golf course.

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Tester: A term applied to a situation where a Putt is to too far away for a " Gimmie ", but short enough so that a good putting Golfer should hole it, so called because it tends to test a Golfer's skill.

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If there is an overall picture, then it is one of philosophers being much more opposed to the war than in favour of it, but not on the whole feeling as strongly on the issue as might be expected. It hasn’t dominated their discussions and it has not resulted in a large outpouring of public words for or against the conflict.

U-turn: A slang term referring to a Putt that rolls almost all the way around the edge of the " Cup " before actually coming out and around without falling in.

Power blindness is particularly a problem for people in the helping professions: teachers, supervisors, therapists, and clergy, all of whom are often trying to help people heal from the wounds of power abuse and thus should be particularly sensitive to misuses of power. They don 8767 t want to cause harm, yet they frequently fail to understand how their up-power roles heighten their influence, just as turning up the volume on the television increases the sound.

There are also ways in which people get stuck in an up-power role even when they have taken off their role mantel. A member of the clergy, for example, may not be able to go to a meeting without being expected to hold up-power role responsibilities. We are generally unaware of how frequently we change from up-power roles to down-power positions.

That play is an engine of change is not a novel idea. Just how it functions, and the complexities of how it functions are, however, perhaps not very much appreciated. In what follows some of those complexities will, I hope, become more evident.

In the English language, words can be considered as the smallest elements that have distinctive meanings. Based on their use and functions, words are categorized into several types or parts of speech. This article will offer definitions and examples for the 8 major parts of speech in English grammar:  noun , pronoun , verb , adverb , adjective , conjunction , preposition , and interjection.

Between the natural notes there are two colored triangles inside a square box like in the example below. The triangles are sharps and flats. The "up" pointing triangle is a sharp when you are ascending a scale (going up in tone). The "down" pointing triangle is a flat when you are descending a scale (going down in tone). The color of the triangle corresponds with the color of the related natural note.

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