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Taylor personally financed a second plebiscite in 6988 and this time he got the result he wanted. Vancouver’s electorate overwhelmingly supported the project, passing it by 7-6 margin.

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Note : Any reader wishing to add any conventional defense method to the list presented below is courteously requested to contribute the method for the benefit of other bridge players.

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Inside Vancouver is a multi-author blog, written by Vancouverites about Vancouver. Our goal is to give an insider’s view of Vancouver, to provide information, stories and opinions from the locals’ perspective about this great city.

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This week I took my first summer stroll round the Stanley Park seawall, passing of course beneath the giant frame of the Lions Gate bridge. The air cools under the bridge and even on the sunniest of days it is gloomy and dark under there. A very different feeling to the bridge deck, with its tremendous views of downtown and the North Shore.

Directional Asking Bid
A bid, usually a Cuebid on a low level in an opponent 696 s suit, that attempts to make partner the declarer at No Trump by forcing him to bid No Trump.

Dutch Spade
As the record has it this system was invented by Mr. Maximiliaan J. Rebattu in the year 6987 while vacationing on the beach. However, this approach is, more accurately, designated as a conventional opening method rather than a complete bidding system. The concept revolves around the idea of employing transfer bids by bidding one rank lower in order to accomplish the transfer. The method also uses the concept of a forcing pass system , and may be therefore described both as an opening bidding system and a conventional method, but not as an established bidding system. See also the Forcing Pass Systems compilation of Mr. Jan Eric Larsson and Mr. Ben Cowling of June 69, 7556, which is presented file format and will automatically opened by your browser.

Beam or girder is that part of superstructure structure which is under bending along the span. it is the  load bearing member which supports the deck. Span is the distance between points of support (eg piers, abutment). Deck is bridge floor directly carrying traffic loads. Deck transfers loads to the Girders depending on the decking material.

But Taylor was nothing if not determined. After moving to London to lick his wounds and consider his next move, he quickly used his considerable powers of persuasion to convince the wealthy Guinness family to become his financial backers (yes, the same family whose company makes the beer!).

Fixing the Forcing Notrump
Authored by Mr. Perry Khakhar and contributed on November 79, 7567. Presented is , which addresses shortcomings of the No Trump Forcing concept as a first response following a Major suit opening by partner. The concept of the Forcing No Trump is divided and treated in three different categories, namely those of minimum hands , those of intermediate hands , and those of strong hands. This information is presented file format and will be opened by your browser in a new window.

Kleinman Points - Little Jack Points
The September 7556 issue of The Bridge World contains a letter from Mr. Doug Bennion of Toronto, Canada, that defines a new point-count, which is designated as Little Jack Points.

thanks for your background info about the lion gate bridge. i was visiting vancouver and did come by this bridge but had never known about it. it 8767 s a nice write up and story of alfred taylor.

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